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Geographical heat map of USF international co-publication 2015-2019

As the global challenges facing our community grow increasingly tangible to our students, it is important to recognize the critical nature of global engagement for both researchers and institutions. The arts and sciences are global endeavors and international research collaboration is necessary for accelerating scientific growth and advancement. The most influential research is conducted by groups of researchers who, among other characteristics, are located around the world. Publications with co-authors from more than one country generate higher impact science and discovery, and the international co-publications of USF-affiliated authors result in consistently higher impact and citation scores than domestic publications. Explore the sections below to see who USF publishes with, where, and in which subject areas.

Top Countries of USF Co-Publication

Top Countries of USF Co-Publication, 2017-2021*
Country Number of Publications Top Collaborating Academic Institution
China (Mainland) 1727 Zhejiang Normal University
United Kingdom 1094 University College London
Canada 975 University of Toronto
Germany 815 Free University of Berlin
Australia 606 University of Sydney
France 550 Sorbonne Universite 
Italy 523 University of Padua
Spain 439 University of Barcelona
Russia 385 Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
Netherlands 381 University of Amsterdam

*Data from Clarivate InCites

Top Academic Institutions of USF Co-Publication

Top Academic Institutions of USF Co-Publication, 2017-2021*
Collaborating Institution Country Number of Publications
University of Toronto Canada 355
University of British Columbia Canada 169
McMaster University Canada 146
King Abdulaziz University Saudi Arabia 138
University College London United Kingdom 138
McGill University Canada 137
North West University - South Africa South Africa 136
University of Oxford United Kingdom 126
University of Sydney Australia 119
Istanbul Medipol University Turkey 117

*Data from Clarivate InCites

Top Areas of USF International Co-Published Research (by Journal Subject Area)

Top Areas of USF International Co-Published Research (by Journal Subject Area), 2017-2021*
Subject Area Number of Publications
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 408
Multidisciplinary Chemistry 378
Electronic and Electrical Engineering 359
Multidisciplinary Materials Science 353
Environmental Sciences 323
Immunology 323
Oncology 298
Clinical Neurology 257
Public, Environmental, and Occupational Health 257
Telecommunications 254

*Data from Clarivate InCItes