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Network Management Resources

We know you are volunteering your time as a Network Leader and that sometimes you’ll need a helping hand to put together your team and coordinate your events.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Provide you with information about potential members for your network 
  • Support you in recruiting speakers for your events
  • Provide you with marketing and promotion for your events 
  • Send you reminders about completing the Annual Report and Post-Event Evaluations 
  • Create letterheads and mailouts for special guests 
  • Provide basic templates for events, like sign-in sheets 
  • Offer consistent communication for your questions and concerns 


network leadership guide cover

To help you manage your own local Network, we also created a step-by-step Network Leadership Guidebook

In it you’ll find important guidelines to support your Global Alumni Country Network, including information you can share with prospective members. Below, you'll find several forms, templates, and resources mentioned in the guidebook. You can access them on this webpage anytime by clicking on the icons.


Ready to reach out and get started? Contact the USF Global Alumni Officer at




Interested in connecting directly with current students?

Learn about the many ways you can engage with young bulls who are eager to learn about your experiences.