Returning to Campus

Athletics & Extracurriculars (9/14)


In addition to following the guidelines of the American Athletic Conference for return to competition, USF Athletics will follow the university's approach to resuming operations that provides for the health and safety of faculty, staff, students and spectators. USF Athletics will follow these general principles to guide the reopening of Athletics facilities:

  1. Local and state government officials consent to reopening.
  2. USF administration consent to reopening of Athletics and reopening plan is in alignment with university plans and protocols.
  3. Athletics has implemented all of the operational guidelines listed in this document to minimize risk of virus transmission among employees and student-athletes.
  4. Athletics has acquired adequate amounts of needed supplies to support the reopening plan.
  5. Athletics has created an Infection Response Team (IRT) and has a written plan for newly diagnosed cases as detailed below.
  6. Athletics has designated an Infection Control Officer who will oversee all aspects of the implementation of the listed guidelines.
  7. Each employee and student-athlete who returns to train and work at the facility must receive COVID-19 safety and hygiene training prior to using the facility and agree to report health information to the IRT.

In order to allow spectators to attend USF athletics contests this academic year, there must first be consent from state, local and university officials. Assuming spectator permission is granted, USF Athletics will abide by any venue capacity restrictions that may be in place at that time. Assuming spectator permission is granted, USF Athletics, in conjunction with the Tampa Sports Authority (for USF Football games) and Vinik Sports Group (for all other USF athletic contests), will develop and implement special event operations plans to include special policies and protocols for tailgating, entrance screening procedures and physical distancing measures in the seating areas. Assuming spectator permission is granted, USF Athletics will develop a communications plan to provide clear instructions to the general public and potential spectators regarding the most current guidelines that must be adhered to at any particular USF athletic contest. 

Student Extracurricular Activities

Engagement and involvement activities are important aspects of the college experience. Although the necessary safety regulations may at first seem to minimize social interaction, the focus is on physically distancing rather than on social distancing. USF departments will continue to hold events and students will have opportunities to engage in social activities virtually. Students will also still have the opportunity to get involved in student organizations.

When USF resumes face-to-face events, all student organizations, fraternities and sororities and sports clubs will need to submit plans for how they will share responsibility for maintaining a healthy campus community by abiding by our community's health and safety guidelines in events and programs. A committee will review and approve these plans before they can begin functioning in a face-to-face format.