Student Association (ITSA)


The Instructional Technology Student Association (ITSA) at the University of South Florida was established to promote a sense of community and intellectual exchange amongst students, faculty, alumni and professionals in Instructional Technology.

Social and professional benefits of ITSA membership include:
  • The chance to develop application skills at ITSA's free workshops and skill-sharing sessions
  • An opportunity to market yourself as a professional with an ITSA member profile
  • A sense of belonging within our diverse and dispersed student group
  • A chance to participate in networking events with fellow students and industry professionals
  • A strong social community of support that will benefit you now and in your future
  • Opportunities to gain project experience in your field  

ITSA has approximately 200 members who participate in professional presentations, discussions with experts in the field, and tips & techniques from our alumni. 


Students, USF faculty and alumni involved in the field of Instructional Technology are encouraged to join ITSA.

You can join the organization by using your USF login via the online portal
Once you are registered, your status will be changed to "Member."