Literacy Research

Contemporary Literacies Collaborative (CLC)

The Contemporary Literacies Collaborative at the USF College of Education is a research partnership among faculty and graduate students. It is for those interested in investigating the ways in which technological changes affect literate practices. The CLC focuses on new literacies, literacy in new contexts, identity formation, power structures, and the changing set of skills that empower people to communicate.

Study Abroad

Students in our programs have the opportunity to integrate an international experience into their field of study. We offer different study abroad experiences led by literacy faculty. Advantages include developing global perspectives on literature and literacy practices, connecting with international scholars, and establishing an international line of research.

Cambridge (UK) Schools Experience

Students in the Cambridge Schools Experience (CSE) have the opportunity to study the ways in which international school-university partnerships are developed and maintained, how novice teachers develop understandings and practices related to literacy teaching and learning, ways in which literacy content coaching supports novice teachers in the field, ways in which social media can be used to develop deeper understandings of teaching and learning

Powerful Knowledge, Powerful Pedagogy

As a primary school in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom advances a knowledge-rich curriculum, we have the opportunity to learn about the type(s) of support teachers and school leaders need to develop expertise across the multiple domains primary teachers are expected to know. Using Activity Theory as a theoretical lens for this work, we examine the object (the goal of promoting a knowledge-rich curriculum), the subject (teachers and leaders at the