The Mathematics Education program consists of various degree options (bachelors, masters, and doctoral), designed to prepare professionals to engage in research and promote evidence-based practices and equitable mathematics instruction.

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelors in Mathematics Education program explores educational foundations, methods, and theory and practice of teaching mathematics in grades 6-12. The Mathematics Education program also offers a concentration in Middle Grades Mathematics for individuals interested in teaching mathematics in the middle school setting (grades 5-9).

Master of Arts in Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Mathematics Education is ideal for students seeking a Master’s Degree who are not certified or licensed to teach but wish to be. There are programs leading to an initial certification in middle school mathematics (grades 5–9) and in High School or Middle School mathematics (grades 6–12).

Master of Education

The M.Ed. program in Curriculum and Instruction, with a concentration (specialization) area in mathematics is a program designed for the individual who has a minimum of two years of relevant educational or professional experience (as judged by program faculty) in mathematics/mathematics teaching, who wishes to pursue advanced study in that area.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Mathematics Education Doctoral Program is committed to providing doctoral students with the skills, knowledge and dispositions that can ensure they are able to contribute to the global mathematics education community and connect with other researchers.