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Non-Degree Seeking Students

Non-Degree Students

Students may start taking graduate courses in the Mathematics Education department as non-degree seeking students and apply up to 12 credits toward their Master's once they are admitted. Many students start as non-degree seeking students while they complete the formal admissions process or establish the credentials required for formal admission.  

Limited Space and Non-Degree Seeking Students

Because non-degree seeking students register last, you may experience problems getting into your education courses, particularly your first semester. It is state policy that your access to courses is on a seat available basis. As a result, University policy states that fully admitted graduate students register first. Second to register are fully admitted undergraduate students based on earned hours. Last to register are non-degree seeking students on a first-come, first-served basis based on the alphabetical appointment times for registration.  You can avoid this problem by applying to one of our master’s degree programs or offered Graduate Certificate programs which will allow you to register earlier in the registration process.

If a course is closed when you attempt to register, you will need to adjust your plans. The education courses have enrollment limits that are planned based on the content and assignments in each course. Even if you are told otherwise, do not come to the first class meeting of a course that is closed in the hope that you will be admitted. The education faculty do not admit students to classes.

The only way to enter courses is through the registration and drop/add system. You can check OASIS frequently during the registration and the drop/add period during the first week of classes to register for an open seat should someone drop or be removed due to lack of prerequisites. 

Students seeking only courses to meet certification requirements directly from the State of Florida, but who do not want a degree from USF in education, have typically used this admissions status.