Welcome to the Physical Education program at USF!

The Physical Education program shares the mission of the College of Education and the University of South Florida in doing the following:

  • Offering challenging learning opportunities in a supportive and diverse environment
  • Creating and supporting research and scholarly inquiry
  • Preparing the next generation of educators, scholars, and leaders through exemplary undergraduate and graduate degree programs

In the Physical Education program, we provide students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to meet their personal and professional goals in the field of K-12 physical education. The program provides undergraduate, graduate and professional development opportunities to in-service teachers. These programs reflect knowledge bases for professional preparation, collaboration with appropriate stakeholders, and alignment with national standards.

In addition, we provide elective physical education courses as part of the general education program for students across the university. These include knowledge-based and physical activity courses.

The Physical Education program's research and service mission ensures that its programs reflect the most current knowledge and practices while enabling faculty members to contribute to the expanding knowledge base through their ongoing research efforts.