About The Program

EdD in Educational Program Development

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Program Development is designed to prepare professional practitioners for leadership and stewardship of the profession. We aim to help you develop strong habits of mind in the dimensions of practice of inquiry, agency, ethics of care, and reflective thinking.

  • Practice of Inquiry: Scholar-practitioners will use practical research and applied theories as tools for positive social innovations. They will be able to identify complex problems of practice as well as design, implement, and evaluate sustainable innovations in their own professional settings.
  • Agency: Scholar-practitioners will develop a commitment to equity and social justice in order to serve as agents of change for diverse students, groups, and communities.
  • Ethic of Care: Scholar-practitioners will work collaboratively with cohort peers, faculty, and stakeholders in the profession to respond to diverse community interest and needs in ways that show compassion and care.
  • Reflective thinking: Scholar-practitioners will reflect critically and ethically on identifying complex problems of practice; developing, implementing, and evaluating sustainable innovations in their own professional settings; and identifying potential implications this may have for serving as agents of change for diverse students, groups, and communities.


  • Face-to-Face/Hybrid Format—courses meet face-to-face on five selected Saturdays with online coursework to supplement in-person instruction.
  • Part-time enrollment—students complete two courses per semester.

Program Admissions and Curriculum

The Ed.D. in Educational Program Development is for practicing professionals who plan to develop and lead sustainable educational innovation in unique settings. Visit the USF Catalog to learn more about admissions, curriculum, and graduation requirements.