Doctor of Education


The Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Program Development with an emphasis on Educational Innovation provides graduates with the skills needed to conduct rigorous inquiry and apply findings to real-world decision-making in professional settings. The program is generally designed for working professionals, takes about three years to complete and provides students with knowledge and analytical skills that can be applied directly to  challenges in education and related fields.

The program fosters intellectual and professional growth as students work with faculty in seminars, research projects, and other assignments. As a result, this deepens students’ understanding of innovative practices and inquiry skills and refines their ability to communicate important findings to a broad audience of practitioners and other applied researchers.

Main components of the program:

Students may transfer credits into the Ed.D program if doing so aligns with USF and USF College of Education policy. Transfer credits may not be used to satisfy program core courses, concentration core, or dissertation requirements.


Core Requirement (3 Credit Hours)

Concentration Requirements (15 Credit Hours)

Concentration Electives (15 Credit Hours) 

Research Methods and Tools (9 Credit Hours)

Philosophical/Psychological/Sociological Foundations of Education (3 Credit Hours)

Dissertation in Practice (9 Credit Hours)

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