Recommended Websites

Below are some websites the Stavros Center recommends to educators for resources on Economic topics:

  • Council on Economic Education (formerly NCEE) — The national network of information and curriculum resources for every aspect of economic literacy includes information for every teacher. The Stavros Center is an affiliate of the Council.
  • EconEdLink — A feature of the Council on Economic Education Over 1200 archived lessons for various grade levels. A new lesson is added each month!
  • Federal Reserve — The Federal Reserve provides pamphlets, DVD’s, and other print materials for use with students in various grade levels.
  • Florida Council on Economic Education — The FCEE provides curriculum materials for Florida teachers. Financial Freedom, a primer on personal finance as well as a number of other curriculum resources and information. They also host the Stock Market Challenge, a simulation designed to provide real world lessons in investing.
  • Common Sense Economics — Provides supplementary materials on a variety of economics topics. The website written to accompany the book by the same title covers what people really need to know about economics presented in clear prose.
  • The PBS Business Desk with Paul Solmon — Contains current programs on finance and economics featured on the PBS News Hour. There are also lesson plans presented and updated regularly. (Click teacher resources)
  • Stossel in The Classroom — Provides access to DVD’s and streaming video designed to stimulate discussion on a variety of topics. Stossel also produces an annual DVD on current topics of interest.
  • Foundation — Produces free and low cost DVD’s and access to current event articles as well as a variety of resources for teachers.
  • Economics U$A — A slightly dated set of video presentations. However several of the episodes have proven very useful in both history and economics classes.