Why USF?


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The student experience for teacher candidates studying at USF involves more than time spent perfecting your craft in the classroom. As a student in the College of Education, you’ll have access to various involvement opportunities such as service learning, networking, and study abroad programs.
Whether you’re interested in living alongside likeminded peers in our Living Learning Community, joining a student organization, going the extra mile in the College of Education’s honors program, or seeing the world through our various education abroad programs, there’s something for all education majors at USF.

Here are some popular involvement opportunities available to students in the College of Education: 

The eduCARE Living Learning Community

The eduCARE Living Learning Community is a residential community that is perfect for aspiring educators who want to make lasting connections at USF. Members live alongside other education majors in Cypress Hall while exploring the broad range of careers open to education majors and connecting with faculty, guest speakers, and local educators who are leaders in their respective fields.

The SCATTER Program

The SunCoast Area Teacher Training and Educational Research Program (SCATTER) is the education honors program for the College of Education. SCATTER students go the extra mile to participate in professional development, service learning, and networking opportunities while connecting with peers who have a like-minded passion for the teaching profession. Graduating from USF as a SCATTER graduate is an prestigious honor that exhibits excellence in academics, research, and service.

Kappa Delta Pi

As a national honors society, Kappa Delta Pi is the world’s largest association of outstanding education professionals. USF’s chapter has been active since 1968, and students who join are eligible for scholarships, teaching grants, and access to conferences, webinars, and professional journals.

Explore even more involvement opportunities for College of Education students at USF.