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Student-athletes are great listeners, leaders, mentors and coaches. Those qualities and characteristics also make great teachers. USF offers numerous educator preparation programs that can help you make the transition from student to teacher.

The challenge is great. The opportunity to lead a classroom and shape a student’s future is greater.

Why Become a Teacher? 

  • Teaching is a career that requires a real commitment. It is also a career that comes with real rewards.
  • On top of salary, teachers tend to realize a greater long-term benefit package with vacation time, retirement plans and the same medical, dental, and vision insurance you would expect as a professional.
  • Many school districts offer annual stipends of up to several thousand dollars for teaching in high-needs fields, such as science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) or in a bilingual classroom.
  • Teaching careers align with a more active lifestyle, and often require constant movement throughout the day.
  • Oftentimes, teachers choose to use their expanded time off in the summer to travel, earn extra income, or pursue hobbies.
  • We are in need of great teachers. If you would make a great teacher, you won’t have to worry about job security.

Source: Go Teach Project 


Go Teach Bulls

What is the Go Teach Project? 

There is a current and future teacher shortage in many different teaching fields and in many communities across the country. Students associated with college athletic programs offer a pool of individuals who reflect the desired characteristics and skills to be prime targets for recruitment into the field of teaching. The current population of student-athletes reflects the diversity we hope to eventually see reflected in the educator workforce.

The Go Teach Project, hosted by the College Football Playoff Foundation, aims to give athletic and academic departments a platform and the tools needed to assist with the recruitment of qualified student-athletes into the teaching profession. The USF College of Education and USF Athletics have joined the project to encourage more USF student athletes to consider a rewarding career in teaching. 

For more information about the Go Teach Bulls project, please contact Laura Sabella, PhD, at Lsabella@usf.edu