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Message from the Chair


Welcome to the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of South Florida.

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to cultivating an outstanding learning community that focuses on preparing our students to thrive in the ever-evolving 21st-century workforce. We take a holistic approach to the professional formation of our students, that goes beyond achieving technical mastery, and fosters the development of well-rounded engineers who embody competence, confidence, teamwork, self-learning, innovation, social consciousness, and ethical leadership.

Our holistic approach to the professional formation of our students goes beyond preparing them for simply mastering the technical aspects of our discipline. Our goal is to prepare engineers who can thrive in today’s competitive workplace by being competent, confident, team players, self-learners, innovative, socially aware, and ethical. Our department understands that every student has unique interests and professional goals, and that is why we developed a flexible curriculum that allows student to tailor their academic experience to suit their individual needs. Students get to choose from technical tracks that include Bioelectrical Systems, Communications Systems, Energy & Power, Mechatronics, Robotics and Embedded Systems, Micro and Nano-scale Systems, Wireless Circuits and Systems, and Systems and Security. Our strong industry partnerships provide invaluable opportunities for our students to gain real-work experience through collaborations on industry projects, internships, seminars, networking events, student forums, industry panels and more. If your dream is to revolutionize healthcare or autonomous vehicles, be a part of launching the next space mission, create solutions for smart cities, improve the security and resilience of cyberphysical infrastructures and more, this is the place to be!

The heart and soul of our department – our 23 faculty – are not just educators. They are the leaders in their respective fields of research inspiring the generation of future engineers. The faculty include NSF CAREER awardees, Fellows of the IEEE and AAAS, and Distinguished University Professors. Many serve in national leadership roles in technical societies such as the IEEE, and have industry experience to complement their academic backgrounds. Some are entrepreneurial and have founded spin-off companies based on their research. This diversity of experience enriches the learning and experiences of our students. Their large research portfolio goes beyond engaging graduate students; our undergraduate students are invited and encouraged to participate through our Research Experiences for Undergraduates program. Topics range from computer and wireless networking systems, integration of renewable energy into the smart grid, novel optical imaging techniques for medical diagnostics, artificial intelligence and machine learning applications for IoT, healthcare, brain-computer interfaces, agriculture, computer vision, and other applications, wireless communications, radar systems, antennas, sensor development, nano/microfabrication techniques. For more details, please visit the faculty page.

We are immensely proud of our student leaders. The various student organizations, that include IEEE, the IEEE Honor Society HKN, IEEE EDS, IEEE PES, Ham Radio Club, ISA, USF Artemis Small Satellite Student Club and more, partner with faculty to enrich their own education experience. They lead and organize industry forums and exhibitions, expert panels, career/networking events, workshops, seminars, competitions, conferences and more.

Upon graduation, our graduates begin their professional journeys by joining employers like Qualcomm, SpaceX, GE Aerospace, General Motors, Texas Instruments, Duke Energy, Keysight, Honeywell, Qorvo, Skyworks, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Harris Corporation, Jabil, Ansys, Florida Power and Light, BAE Systems, Mettler Toledo, and Nielsen to name a few.

What do our students like about or program?  Their top three likes are:
- The customizable curriculum
- The plethora of hands-on activities
- The numerous leadership opportunities

Thank you for visiting our website and reach out to us if you have any questions about our program.