Mentoring Approach


Mentoring Model

Sloan UCEM Wheel



Matching Process / 
Assignment Timeline

Expected Contacts
Research (RM) Based upon alignment of research interests during recruitment process. Prior to start-up of the doctoral program At least weekly
Peer (PM) Accountability Partner UCEM activities and involvement in student organizations. No later than the end of the second semester of doctoral program At least twice per semester

External (MED)


Scholars select a USF faculty mentor who can serve as an additional advocate or champion to support their professional/personal well-being At least twice per month

Alumni (ATM)

Based upon alignment of career goals, background, and academic program At least twice per semester

Mentor external to the dissertation (MED)/Role Model Mentor – additional faculty mentor who is NOT the dissertation advisor to support the scholar’s professional development and well-being.  Mentoring contacts maybe emails, virtual or in-person meetings (at least twice per semester).  In-person are discouraged until Fall 2021.