Sloan at USF by the Numbers (2005-present):
• 155 Scholars
• 95 Research Mentors
• 84 PhD Graduates
• 44 Current Scholars
• 82 percent Anticipated PhD Retention rate
• PhD Alumni Placement: 40 percent (Academia); 38 percent (Industry/Entrepreneurship; 13 percent (Federal/State/Local Government); 9 percent (Other)

Global Impact
• +500 Peer Review Publications, Conference Proceedings, Technical Reports, and Patents
• 20 countries scholars have participated in global research
Latin America, Caribbean & South America: Guyana, Bolivia, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico
East Asia and the Pacific: China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand
Europe: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands
Middle East and Africa: Israel, Ethiopia, Tanzania
• 14 national labs and federally funded research and development center scholars have conducted dissertation research and/or participated internships.
Brookhaven, Idaho National Lab, Oak Ridge, Berkeley National Lab, Pacific Northwest, National Lab, Naval Research Lab, Air Force Research Lab (2), NASA (3), Argonne, MIT Lincoln, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Sloan UCEM Points of Pride
• 100+ National Student Awards (NSF, Fulbright, AAUW, Ford, NASA, National Research Council, McKnight, GEM, and others)
• USF ranked 1st by NOAA in graduating minority graduate students in oceanography (2016)
• USF is recognized as a national leader in conferring engineering doctorates to both African-American and Hispanic students