UCEM Experience

Deidra Hodges

Deidra Hodges, PhD ’09, Electrical Engineering
Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Texas, at El Paso

“The Sloan Program provided advice and mentoring during my time at USF. It so introduced me to my major professor, Chris Ferekides, based on my research interest in the area of solar energy. My dissertation focused on methods and techniques to lower the cost and increase the efficiency of thin film CdTe solar cells on flexible substrates. In my role at UTEP, I am continuing this research and mentoring students, and publishing papers. In addition to my collaborations at national labs, I was recently awarded a grant funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation that will enable me to apply and receive larger grants in the future.”

Michael Martinez

Michael Martínez-Colón, PhD ’16, Geological Oceanography
Assistant Professor, College of the Environment
Florida A&M University

“Sloan support was critical in helping to support my family (spouse and two children) as well as facilitating travel for presentations at meetings and paying for chemical analysis to complete my dissertation”. As an Assistant Professor at FAMU, I have received over $1M in research funds. My success in large measure has been due to the excellent mentoring received from my USF advisors and the Sloan program.”

Nekesha Williams

Nekesha Williams, PhD ’10, Chemical Oceanography
Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental and Earth Sciences
Saint Mary’s College of California

“The financial support provided by Sloan allowed me to simply be a student and fully immerse myself in my studies and research without having to worry about my livelihood. It enable me to present at conferences so that I could promote my science as well as gain the knowledge necessary to prepare for a career in academia. Finally, the Sloan program encouraged and supported peer-to-peer mentorship. It along with other diversity programs was instrumental in my persistence and for success in the doctoral program in Marine Science. Now, I have an extensive network of individuals who I have access to for support. This program played a major role in my personal and professional development.”

Pablo Cornejo

Pablo Cornejo-Warner, PhD ’15, Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Construction Engineering
Chicago State University

“The Sloan program gave me access to professional development and scholarly enrichment opportunities that were fundamental to my success in graduate school. Recently, I received my first National Science Foundation Award as Co-Principal Investigator. I credited the guidance and support received during my PhD.”