Center for Entrepreneurship: Here are Some Success Stories

Ranked #10 Nationally

Late last year, the University of South Florida's Center for Entrepreneurship was ranked No. 10 in the nation for its graduate program. It was the only program to make the top 10 in the Southeast and the only school in Florida listed among the Top 25.

The rankings, released by Entrepreneur magazine and The Princeton Review, have placed the interdisciplinary center, located in the Muma College of Business, among the top 25 for 10 consecutive years.

"Small businesses are the engine that drive the U.S. economy," said Michael Fountain, director of USF's Center for Entrepreneurship, when the list was released, "and this honor proves that we are doing our part to fuel that engine."

To recognize the center and its remarkable work, here are profiles of 10 graduates who have used what they learned and lit out on their own to create their own thriving entrepreneurship opportunities.

  1. Jennifer Sineway
  2. Justin Heacock
  3. Markus Vogel
  4. Nathan Schwagler
  5. Julie MacGregor
  6. Farah Abid
  7. Artricia James-Heard
  8. Jerry Trotter
  9. Greg Ross-Munro
  10. Stephanie Costolo