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Innovative Education serves as a catalyst to foster innovation, enhance the student experience, create revenue opportunities for colleges, and empower USF to thrive in this transformative era of education. As a result, students of all levels are empowered to excel academically and achieve lifelong success.

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The Online Instructor Certification (OIC) is a fully online four-week certification that prepares USF Tampa, St. Pete and Sarasota-Manatee instructors to teach online. The course includes strategies for planning instructor presence, active learning approaches for online presentations, assessment/feedback planning, and more.

Innovative Education News

Innovative Education News

full hand saying 5 reasons why you shouldnt diy nil

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't D-I-Y NIL

Thanks to the NCAA's Name, Image, and Likeness ruling, collegiate and even some high school athletes face unprecedented opportunities. With the ability to leverage their NIL for anything from minor deals to major partnerships, caution is paramount. Without a firm grasp of NIL principles, diving into deals can pose significant risks.

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Tabitha Bell sits with son to talk about her story

Tabatha Bell discovered she had a passion for law when her husband sought to adopt her son. The accounting, supply chain, and sourcing manager, who had never really been involved in the legal system, decided to make a career change.