Teach Online

Online Instructor Certification

What is the OIC?

The OIC is a fully online four week certification preparing USF instructors to teach online. The course includes strategies for planning instructor presence, active learning approaches for online presentations, assessment/feedback planning, and more. 

Where can I register?

You can register here for the OIC

Is the OIC only available to those teaching fully online courses or is it open to all?

If you are not teaching a fully online course but would like access to the OIC we offer the OIC Open. The OIC Open is a replica of the certification-based OIC but it is self-paced and does not count towards certification. You can use this as an opportunity to preview the OIC and/or use it as a training resource to build your skills as an online instructor. 
Enroll in the OIC Open

what is the required attendance? how much time is required? 

Participants will not be required to attend live lectures or meet at a specific time. However, online office hours will be available. The course is delivered over a four week period and participants typically spend one to three hours per week reviewing presentations, engaging with peers, and completing assignments. Certification requires the completion of all assignments and participation within peer-review discussions. The OIC fosters a collaborative approach where you will connect with peer faculty through rich discussions. To ensure the best possible experience, each module will be rolled out weekly. 

I have never taught online. will i be able to do this?

Absolutely ! The OIC has certified over 1000 USF online instructors and we have worked with many who were brand new to online. We recognize the challenge of learning anything new (especially technology) and the OIC provides ample tutorials and support to ensure you that you can complete the required assignments and master the skills. 

I previously taught online at another institution. Is it still required?

Yes. The OIC is required for anyone teaching a fully online course at USF and previous experience or other certifications is not a substitute. Per Provost Wilcox, in order to meet USF's 2013 SACS accreditation standards 3.4.12, 3.4.9, 3.7.1, 3.7.2, and 3.7.3, all faculty teaching a fully online courses are required to complete a certification course. The OIC is the certification course for USF.

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