Programs by Interest

Business and Professional

Programs include: Analytics & Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Business Foundations, Entrepreneurship, National & Competitive Intelligence, Nonprofit Management, Public Management

Behavioral, Counseling & Community Engagement

Programs include: Addictions and Substance Abuse Counseling, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Career Counseling, Children's Mental Health, Disabilities Education, Geriatric Social Work, Gerontology, Hearing Specialist: Early Intervention, Hospice, Palliative Care and End of Life Studies, Integrative Mental Health Care, Marriage and Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Positive Behavior Support, Transitional Research in Adolescent Behavioral Health,

Crime Investigation/Cybersecurity

Program includes: Compliance, Risk, and Anti-Money Laundering, Criminal Justice Administration, Crime Scene Investigation for Violent Crimes, Cybersecurity

Culture and Humanities

Programs include: Africana Studies, American Culture & Society, Creative Writing, Film & New Media Studies, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Multimedia Journalism, Professional and Technical Communication


Programs include: Academic Advising, Applied Linguistics, College Teaching, Comparative Literary Studies, ESOL,Foreign Language, Instructional Technology, Leadership in Developing Human Resources, Mathematics, Post Master's, Reading, Research, Counseling, Teacher Leadership and more.

Engineering and Technology

Program include: Geographical Information Systems, Interdisciplinary Transportation Program, Materials Science and Engineering, Regulatory Affairs - Medical Devices, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Smart Grid Power Systems, Systems Engineering, Technology Management, Total Quality Management, Transportation Systems Analysis, Wireless Engineering

Health and Pharmacy Sciences

Programs include: Aging and Neuroscience, Bioinformatics, Clinical Investigation, Cognitive Health, Health Informatics, Health Sciences, Integrative Weight Management, Intellectual Property, Medicine & Gender, Metabolic Cardiology, Metabolic Endocrinology, Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine, Pharmacy Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Management, Pharmacy Update & Practice Management, Pre-Professional Pharmacy, Scholarly Excellence, Leadership Experien

Public Health

Programs Include: Applied Biostatistics, Biotechnology, Epidemiology, Diasporas & Health Disparities, Disaster Management, Global Health, Health Management, Healthcare Analytics, Homeland Security, Humanitarian Assistance, Infection Control, Maternal & Child Health, Medial Anthropology, Public Health, Safety Management, Social Marketing & Social Change, Toxicology, Violence and Injury Prevention, Women's Health


Program Includes: Community Development, Environmental Health, Environmental Policy & Management, Health, Safety & Environment, Hydrogeology, Global Strategy and Decision-Making, Planning for Health Communities, Water, Health & Sustainability