Marketing and Recruitment


male and female creating marketing materials

Innovative Education offers a variety of strategic and results-oriented services to our campus partners seeking to market academic programs and recruit both traditional and non-traditional students. The current services that our team of experts offers include the following:

Market Research

To achieve specific, measurable goals, we must first understand the market. In the case of an academic program, our market research will include identification of competitors, curriculum comparison, cost comparison, and more.

Persona Development

The development of audience segments and personas helps us understand who our customers are, how to reach them, what messages resonate with them, and how to help them through the decision-making process.

Journey Mapping

Constructing a customer journey for our audience ensures that we build marketing assets that help customers make their way through the recruitment cycle.

Campaign Planning

The marketing strategy ensures we develop an effective campaign and also dictates which marketing assets we will build, how we will deliver those marketing assets, and how we will measure the effectiveness of our efforts.

Account Management

Our account management team ensures that all stakeholders are well-informed and have the opportunity to provide feedback in a painless way that allows us to move quickly and execute our strategic plan.

Project Management

Our project management team builds a production schedule that ensures all marketing assets are developed in a timely and effective manner while helping manage the workload of our team members.

Content Development

To help customers through their journey, we must develop helpful content that resonates with our audience. The content developer references the personas and the journey maps to craft content designed to make it easy for customers to understand what USF has to offer.


We help lead customers through their journey by designing marketing assets that meet their needs. The graphic designer packages the content developed by the content developer to build assets that facilitate understanding.

Web Development

Once marketing assets are developed, we then deliver those assets on the customers’ preferred channels. The web developer is responsible for figuring out how to deliver the marketing assets to the customers via a variety of digital platforms and communications channels.

Event Promotion

Branded events and public spaces are a big part of every modern marketing mix. The event promotion coordinator collaborates with recruiters to ensure that every event is well-publicized and designed to meet stated objectives.

Social Media

Customers expect an active social media presence where they can get information and answers to their questions. The social media strategist collaborates with recruiters to ensure that inquiries and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

SEO and SEM Strategy

When customers are looking for information, they are most likely to type search terms into a search engine. The media buyer and SEO strategist work together to ensure that our paid digital advertising campaigns and our organic search strategy are optimized for performance.

Data Analytics

To ensure that our efforts are effective, we must measure everything. The data analyst uses a variety of sophisticated tools to measure the effectiveness of each tactic, then makes recommendations so that the marketing team optimizes campaign performance.

Once a new project and goal are identified, we will work alongside our campus partners to strategically determine which of these services will help them achieve their objectives.