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Celebrating Excellence in Online Teaching: USF Award for Innovation in Online Design and Teaching

Over the summer, three faculty members from the USF College of Education, Muma College of Business, and College of Arts and Sciences were recognized by USF Innovative Education for exceptional work in online education. Sanghoon Park, an associate professor who teaches graduate courses related to instructional technology and effective instructional design, received the inaugural Online Design and Teaching Award, recognizing his exemplary achievements in the field of online education.

Margarita Altuna, an assistant instructor in the Department of World Languages, and Loran Jarrett, an instructor in the School of Marketing and Innovation, were named finalists.

The program highlights the impact of well-designed, high-quality digital course materials and the sustained excellence and innovation in online teaching practices that support student engagement, learning gains, and satisfaction. 

“Dr. Park’s dedication to creating a dynamic and engaging online learning environment has earned him this well-deserved recognition,” said Christie Nicholas, Innovative Education’s director of learning design and research, who spearheaded the awards program.

Jarrett was recognized for an online digital marketing course and the applied learning in the ever-evolving field of digital marketing. Altuna's Spanish III course was honored because of the unique elements that helped students to excel in their language proficiency and fostered a passion for cultural exploration.

Recognizing and celebrating exceptional educators like these not only honors their achievements but also inspires continuous improvement and innovation in online teaching and learning.

“All three faculty members are terrific online teachers and this award recognizes their work to provide a quality learning experience for our students,” said Nicholas.

 As the winner, Park received $5,000 and will be prominently featured as one of the Florida SUS Institutional Online Teaching Award recipients on the Board of Governor’s website, showcasing his effective teaching practices alongside other esteemed faculty members from the State University System. Jarrett and Altuna received $1,000 in appreciation of their dedication to excellence in online teaching and course design.

Nominations for the Second Annual Award for Innovation in Online Design and Teaching will open in the fall semester. 

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