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About Proctorio

Proctorio is an online proctoring solution that helps you administer Canvas based quizzes and exams. It offers a number of features designed to enhance academic integrity including student identity verification and test monitoring. To learn more, watch the following video.

Online Proctoring Spring 2016


Am I required to use online proctoring?

No. The use of Proctorio is optional for faculty and not required. 

Are there any instructor requirements?

If online proctoring is something you'd like to incorporate within your course you are required to include the following statement within your syllabus. Please copy and paste the following:

All students must review the syllabus and the requirements including the online terms and video testing requirements to determine if they wish to remain in the course. Enrollment in the course is an agreement to abide by and accept all terms. Any student may elect to drop or withdraw from this course before the end of the drop/add period.

Online exams and quizzes within this course may require online proctoring. Therefore, students will be required to have a webcam (USB or internal) with a microphone when taking an exam or quiz. Students understand that this remote recording device is purchased and controlled by the student and that recordings from any private residence must be done with the permission of any person residing in the residence. To avoid any concerns in this regard, students should select private spaces for the testing. The University library and other academic sites at the University offer secure private settings for recordings and students with concerns may discuss location of an appropriate space for the recordings with their instructor or advisor. Students must ensure that any recordings do not invade any third party privacy rights and accept all responsibility and liability for violations of any third party privacy concerns. Students are strictly responsible for ensuring that they take all exams using a reliable computer and high speed internet connection. Setup information will be provided prior to taking the proctored exam. For additional information about online proctoring you can visit the online proctoring student FAQ.

How do I get started?

The best starting point is to attend take our workshop Online Proctoring with Proctorio. This will provide you with all the technical steps, best practices, and resources to ensure successful online proctoring. For your convenience, we offer this workshop fully online format or face-to-face within our Co-Lab at the library (room 618).

Does this violate student privacy ?

No. Proctorio strictly adheres to FERPA guidelines and has established a number of provisions to ensure student privacy.

Are there alternative options I can offer my students?

Yes. If the student is not comfortable taking the test on a personal computer or at their home, you can recommend 1) to take the online proctored test on a computer at the USF campus library or 2) to take the test at the USF Testing Center for a fee (visit USF Testing Center DL proctoring page).

IMPORTANT:  The instructor must coordinate with the testing center at the beginning of the semester to provide the necessary exam information. Students will need to schedule their test at least 3 days in advance. For more information please contact the USF Testing Center.