Online Faculty

Lab Based Workshops

Our lab-based workshop sessions give you the opportunity to learn and practice within a classroom based setting. These sessions are facilitated in our training lab located on the 6th floor of the library. Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a session. Additionally, we can facilitate a remote session at your college / department. Contact us for details.

Kaltura Foundations

Kaltura is a media hosting solution for USF Tampa campus online instructors. It has powerful tools such as auto-captioning, analytics, and chaptering. The Kaltura platform is extensive so the scope of this workshop will be to provide an orientation along with some of its primary tools. Please note that Kaltura is only available for fully online courses.

    Enhancing Online Academic Integrity

    One of the greatest challenges with online education is maintaining academic integrity. In this workshop we will explore some of the leading course design strategies and tools to deter cheating and examine common questions related to online cheating including - What are the most common methods of cheating in an online course? Does cheating occur more in online classes or in face-to-face classes? <iframe id="kaltura_player" src="https://www.kaltur

      Mobile Learning

      An estimated 99.8% of college students have some type of mobile device. How can these be leveraged for learning? This workshop, Mobile Learning: Best Practices of the Anytime Learner, will explore some of the most prevalent strategies of mLearning (mobile learning) and will help devise personalized strategies to make online students “anytime learners”.

        Online Accessibility for the Benefit of All

        Many perceive course accessibility simply as a "requirement" that must be met. While this is true, having an accessible course actually improves student satisfaction and enhances learning. This session will cover the basics of online accessibility, why it is important, the obligations of USF faculty, and best practices for optimizing online course accessibility.

          Camtasia for Educators

          Camtasia is a powerful tool for creating custom multimedia presentations. More than just "digital lectures", Camtasia can be used to connect with students, increase retention, provide context, promote textbook reading, and reduce email/technical support. This workshop will cover all aspects of recording, editing, and enhancing presentations along with key best practices for using Camtasia.

            Online Proctoring with Proctorio

            This workshop will provide the fundamentals of Proctorio and strategies to ensure successful online proctoring.