Projects and Initiatives

Canvas Accessibility

USF Student Disability Services (SDS) and Innovative Education (InEd) partnered with the Tampa LightHouse for the Blind to evaluate Canvas accessibility, specific to the JAWS (screen reading software). In this evaluation, two visually impaired students were asked to perform a series of common tasks within a course developed by InEd specifically for accessibility testing. Each of the tasks has documented "observations/comments" along with "recommendations" for both faculty and Instructure.

The overall goals of the evaluation were as follows:

  • Identify anything that may hinder a visually impaired student or prevent a student from participating in and/or accessing elements of the course.
  • Provide Instructure with the feedback so any necessary accessibility improvements can be made on the Canvas LMS.
  • Serve as a basis for developing a USF online resource for faculty, providing them with accessibility best practices and building awareness.

Please contact us for the evaluation summary.