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Each year, the Office of Orientation looks for passionate and dedicated current undergraduate students to join our team. Please check back soon for updates on 2024-2025 Orientation Leader (OL) applications.

To learn more about the Orientation Leader process, click here to look at our 2024-24 USF Orientation Information Packet

If you have any specific questions, contact our office at or (813) 974-3060.


Questions about the 2024-2025 Orientation Leader application process or just general things related to the job? Look no further!

Please note: These will be updated frequently with new information as it becomes available. Be sure to check back often for the latest.


I received an email that I was nominated by my Orientation Leader. Does this mean I am guaranteed/have a better chance at becoming a 2024 Orientation Leader?

No. As stated in the email: this nomination does not give you priority over other candidates in the application process; it just means someone who has been an Orientation Leader or a professional staff member at the University sees your potential and wants you to apply! 

What do I do as an Orientation Leader?  

Great question! Orientation Leaders help provide new students and their families with a seamless transition to the University of South Florida. As an Orientation Leader, you will be working with students from different demographics such as Transfer, First Year, and International along with their families and guests. We suggest thoroughly reading the position’s Information Packet. This outlines position competencies, descriptions, and a list of sample various dates and commitments to keep in mind. You can find this packet on our website or in the 2024 Orientation Leader application itself once the application opens. 

Do I have to be a first year student to apply for the Orientation Leader role? 

No – any student can apply! However, you do have to be a current, full-time, undergraduate student to be eligible with a graduation date of Spring 2025 or later.  

Where can I access the Orientation Leader application?

When we Orientation Leader application, you can find it on the Meet the Team page.

I’ve seen there are some virtual and in-person recruitment events and Q&A sessions being hosted by Orientation. Am I expected to attend these in order to apply to be an Orientation Leader?  

As a candidate, you are not expected to attend any recruitment events, but they are highly encouraged to learn more about the Orientation Leader position. Also, if you are selected to be a 2024 Orientation Leader, you yourself will also help with recruiting next year’s team in Fall 2024 (see Orientation Leader Information Packet for more specific details).  

I have to be involved on campus in order to apply to be an Orientation Leader? 

No, but it can only help! The Office of Orientation is looking for all kinds of students, personalities, and experiences. Our Orientation Leader positions are both leadership positions and are designed intentionally to help students learn and grow. 

I graduate in a year. Can I still apply?

In order to be eligible for the 2024-2025 Orientation Leader position, you must be a full-time undergraduate USF student through at least end of 2024. 

Will the Summer 2024 Orientation sessions be virtual or in-person? 

As of right now, we are hoping to offer both virtual and in-person Orientation sessions for Summer 2024. We will have final updates as it gets closer to the interviewing and hiring processes. Keep checking our website, social media platforms, and recruitment events as updates get announced.


What is the application period? 

The 2024 Orientation Leader application opens on Monday, September 11 and is due by Sunday, October 8 at 11:59pm EST. 

Do I have to bring a hard copy of the application to the office?

No, the application is all online. You can find the application on our website or Handshake. Googling “usf ol application” may bring up previous years’ applications.

Do I need reference letters? 

No. You do not need physical letters, but you will need to list one reference on your online application (name, title, email address, and phone number). A reference could include, a current or past teacher or professor, a faculty member at USF, a current or past supervisor or advisor, etc. References should NOT be a current or past Orientation Leader, a peer or a personal friend/family member.

Can one of my references be my Resident Assistant or a previous/current Orientation Leader?

No, you may not use any current USF student as a reference (see above “Do I need reference letters?” question).  

Do I need to submit a resume? 

No, resumes are not necessary. However, while previous experience is not required for the Orientation Leader position, the online application will require you to answer a few questions regarding: any previous employment, campus or community organizations you may be currently involved in, any leadership positions you may have held within those organizations, leadership training (retreats/conferences) you have participated in, and why you are interested in the Orientation Leader position. 

What should I put for my GPA on the application if I do not have a USF GPA? 

If you do not have a USF GPA, please use your most recent GPA from a previous institution (e.g., high school, previous college, university, state school, etc.). 


What is the best way to prepare for the interviews? 

We suggest being familiar with the Office of Orientation’s mission and vision and the Orientation Leader Information Packet. 

What should I wear to the Individual Interview? 

We ask candidates to wear business/business casual attire to their Individual Interview. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the attire for your interview, please reach out to the Office of Orientation for your campus so we can accommodate you.  

What if I can’t attend the Individual Interviews? 

Each stage of the application process is required. There are several time slots that hopefully will work with your schedule. If not, we encourage you to consider applying for the Orientation Leader role in a future year.  

What happens if I don’t sign up for an interview on time? 

We will try to contact you before the deadline to sign up for an Individual Interview, but if you do not select a time slot, we will assume that you do not wish to continue in the application process. It is your responsibility as the candidate to follow-through on this portion of the application process.  

Will I know the questions beforehand? 

No. Just like most professional or leadership role interviews, you will not be privy to the questions before arriving to the Individual Interview. However, generally speaking, you can expect to be ready to share why you are interested in the Orientation Leader position, why you believe you are qualified, and how you connect with the Office of Orientation’s main mission and vision and the seven (7) Orientation Leader Competencies.

How early before my interview should I arrive?

For all interviews, we suggest arriving 10 to 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

How long is the Individual Interview? 

You can expect your Individual Interview to last between 25 to 30 minutes.

Do I need to bring a copy of anything with me to the interview? 

If you advance to an Individual Interview, you may be asked to prepare a brief presentation, so you may want to bring a visual aid. 

What are the interviews like? 

The Individual Interview is more tailored to your specific interest in the position, your qualifications, and how you connect with the Office of Orientation’s main mission and vision and the seven (7) Orientation Leader Competencies.

When will I be notified of the next step? 

If you get selected to move on to an Individual Interview, you will be notified by Thursday, October 12.  After the Individual Interview, the Office of Orientation will notify you on Wednesday, November 1 if you have received a role on the 2024 Orientation Leader team. You will then need to accept this offer by Monday, November 6 at 5:00pm.

Are the interviews just with one person? Or will there be a lot of people interviewing me at once? 

There will just be you and a few Orientation staff members present. 

General / Job Related 

What types of characteristics or abilities are you looking for in the Orientation Leader candidates? 

The Office of Orientation is seeking students who have a willingness to learn and grow as a student, person, and leader. In addition, students should be committed to the idea of servant leadership, have critical thinking skills, have a high level of emotional intelligence, are able to manage themselves and others, rely on effective means of communication, be able to exhibit good teamwork skills, and live a life congruent with the purpose of helping new students and families have a seamless transition to USF.

What if I must miss an Orientation session over the summer? 

When you apply, you are committing to all the dates. If you are already aware of an obligation that will mean missing a session (see the example of the listed “Dates and Commitments” pages of the Information Packets to have an idea how will your summer will look like), please tell Orientation staff before accepting the role. If we are unable to work through the conflict with you, we suggest you consider applying for the Orientation Leader role in a future year. 

Can I take summer classes? 

Orientation Leaders are permitted to take one, asynchronous class per a summer term and it should not conflict with required work or training hours. It is important to note that time commitments vary, so this must be considered. If hired, you will be expected to communicate your intended class schedule with your supervisor before registering. 

Can I have another job while in the role of an Orientation Leader?

In the past, Orientation Leaders have had other jobs, but it does add quite a bit of stress and it can become quite difficult to manage both successfully. You are allowed to have another job, but it must only be a total of equal to or less than 10 hours a week. We expect the Orientation Leader position to be the priority due to the time commitment and you will not be allowed to miss Orientation Leader commitments for another job.

Can I study abroad in the summer? 

It depends. The Orientation Leader position has various dates of commitment that you should be aware before moving forward with any study abroad program planning (see the example of the listed “Dates and Commitments” pages of the Information Packets to have an idea how your summer will look). While there are breaks over the summer for Orientation Leaders to make travel plans, we expect the Orientation Leader position to be the priority and you will not be allowed to miss Orientation Leader commitments for study abroad programs. 

Can I be a Resident Assistant and an Orientation Leader at the same time? 

Yes! However, your Orientation Leader contract would end early to make sure you are able to attend Resident Assistant training and associated commitments (see the example of the listed “Dates and Commitments” pages of the Information Packets to have an idea how your summer will look). 

As an Orientation Leader, will I have to talk in front of a lot of people? 

Each Orientation Leader position has varying public speaking requirements. However, we encourage you to look at this opportunity as one that can help you grow personally and professionally! 

Are Orientation Leaders hired for just the summer, or do they work during the school year as well? 

The contract dates for all Orientation Leader position run from January 2024 to January 2025. All Orientation Leaders are required to attend a Spring 2024 leadership training that begins the first week of classes in the Spring 2024 semester. While the summer is the majority of time Orientation Leaders will spend working, Fall 2024 will also involve recruitment events for next year’s team (see the example of the listed “Dates and Commitments” pages of the Information Packets to have an idea how your time will be spent as an OL).  

During the summer, what's a typical work week like for Orientation Leaders? 

Schedules vary each summer, but generally, and historically speaking: 

For in-person programs:

  • For Freshmen, there are typically two, one-day sessions per week. 
  • For Transfer, there is typically a few, half-day sessions throughout the summer.
  • For International, there is typically one session at the end of August that consists of a one-day program. 

For virtual programs: 

  • For Freshmen, there are typically a few, half-day sessions throughout the summer.
  • For Transfer, there is typically one or two, half-day session(s) per week. 
  • For International, there is typically a range of two different days in August (days various per week)

More details regarding session format will be provided during your individual interview.  

I would love to hear from a current or previous OL about their experience. Can I do that? 

Yes! Head to our Instagram page (@usforientation) and check out our “OL Takeover” highlights for LOTS of perspectives on the OL experience straight from the 2024 Orientation Leaders themselves! 

I have heard there is training for Orientation Leaders. When is that? 

You are correct! Each Orientation Leader will attend a spring Leadership Training, where you will meet once a week on Wednesdays in the Spring 2024 semester (location and time TBD). 

What is the Orientation Leader training process like? What will be covered? 

In the Spring Leadership Training, we will cover the leadership philosophy of the Office of Orientation and the Orientation Leader Competencies.   
In our May Training period, we will expand on concepts from spring training, but also cover USF information, campus resources, customer service, storytelling, how to facilitate small group discussions, Orientation procedures, session logistics, and much, much more!  

Is this job paid? Are there other benefits too? 

Yes, the Orientation Leader job is paid an hourly rate of $13.00/hour. Please see the Orientation Leader Information Packet and in the application itself for more specific details. 

What will my housing accommodation look like over the 2024 summer? 

The Office of Orientation is still finalizing the housing plans for the 2024 summer, but on-campus housing will most likely be available for OLs that are in need of summer housing. More information will be shared if you are invited to an Individual Interview in October. If you are in need of housing for Summer 2024 in order to perform the responsibilities of being an Orientation Leader, please indicate this on your application (This will not impact our decision in any way).  




Marnie Hauser, Assistant Dean of Students

Marnie Hauser

Assistant Dean of Students- New Student and Family Engagement

Rocky D. Bull, USF Official Mascot

Autre Howard-Morgan

Operations & Outreach Coordinator

Savannah Weaver, Orientation Program Coordinator

Savannah Weaver

Orientation Program Coordinator

Christen Yawn, Orientation Program Coordinator

Christen Yawn

Orientation Program Coordinator


Rocky D. Bull, USF Official Mascot

Okey Nkwocha

Orientation Leader - Office Assistant

Rocky D. Bull, USF Official Mascot

Sol Igarzabal

Orientation Leader - Office Assistant

Rocky D. Bull, USF Official Mascot

Paola Bonilla Perez

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Rocky D. Bull, USF Official Mascot

Akshat Gupta

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Rocky D. Bull, USF Official Mascot

Joncarlo Rojas

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Rocky D. Bull, USF Official Mascot

Macauley Wilson

Orientation Leader - Office Assistant


Caitiana Bois, Orientation Leader

Caitiana Bois

David Figueroa, Orientation Leader

David Figueroa

Diyana Shah, Orientation Leader

Diyana Shah

Elamthal Abuobaida, Orientation Leader

Elamthal Abuobaida

Gin Phan, Orientation Leader

Gin Phan

Harram Zahid, Orientation Leader

Harram Zahid

Ivan Borkowsky Steagall, Orientation Leader

Ivan Borkowsky Steagall

Izabella Ramjohn, Orientation Leader

Izabella Ramjohn

Jacob Coleman, Orientation Leader

Jacob Coleman

Jada-Karrie Watson, Orientation Leader

Jada-Karrie Watson

Jade Coslop, Orientation Leader

Jade Coslop

Jamaica Bowie, Orientation Leader

Jamaica Bowie

Jasmin Briggs, Orientation Leader

Jasmin Briggs

Jay Pandey, Orientation Leader

Jay Pandey

Juan Ulloa, Orientation Leader

Juan Ulloa

Kay, Orientation Leader


Kira Simms, Orientation Leader

Kira Simms

Kobi Parks, Orientation Leader

Kobi Parks

Laura Luu, Orientation Leader

Laura Luu

Lucia Anton del Rio, Orientation Leader

Lucia Anton del Rio

Luna Holst, Orientation Leader

Luna Holst

Maleha Akter, Orientation Leader

Maleha Akter

Manu Lopes, Orientation Leader

Manu Lopes

Navya Pal, Orientation Leader

Navya Pal

Nibin Mathew, Orientation Leader

Nibin Mathew

Rachel Sharp, Orientation Leader

Rachel Sharp

Rebecca Ryan, Orientation Leader

Rebecca Ryan

Sofia Haddan

Sofia Haddan

Ta-Kiyah Souvenir, Orientation Leader

Ta-Kiyah Souvenir

Tonima Ahmed, Orientation Leader

Tonima Ahmed

Tyler Hendrickson, Orientation Leader

Tyler Hendrickson

Valentina Baretta, Orientation Leader

Valentina Baretta

Veronica Vaccaro, Orientation Leader

Veronica Vaccaro

Victoria Espinal, Orientation Leader

Victoria Espinal

Yana Vora, Orientation Leader

Yana Vora

Yenn Nguyen, Orientation Leader

Yenn Nguyen

Zawadul Karim, Orientation Leader

Zawadull Karim