Starting in Summer/Fall


We commit that you will leave Orientation feeling prepared to confidently begin your USF experience. To view your schedule, please choose the schedule that is grouped with your orientation session date.

FYS Summer/Fall Orientation Schedules
Session Date  Schedule Link
June 3rd - 4th Schedule
June 6th - 7th Schedule
June 10th - 11th Schedule
June 12th - 13th Schedule
June 17th - 18th Schedule
June 19th - 20th
July 8th - 9th
July 11th - 12th
July 15th - 16th
July 18th - 19th
July 22nd - 23rd
July 25th - 26th
July 29th - 30th
July 31st - August 1st
August 19th - 20th Schedule

Please note: This schedule is for First Year Students only. For families and guests attending Orientation, please click here to be directed to your schedule as it is not the same as your students. Times and locations are subject to change at any time.