Dr. Valeria Garcia

Valeria Garcia

Significant Statewide Roles

  • USF Data Liaison with the FLBOG Office of Data & Analytics
  • Ex-officio member, SUS Council of Data Administrators  

National Roles

  • Executive Committee – Commission on Information, Measurement, & Analysis (CIMA) (an operational commission of APLU)
  • Cluster team core member – APLU initiative, Powered by Publics: Scaling Student Success

Top 3 Strategic Priorities in Current Position

  1. Continue advancing a campus culture of analytics, data and information at USF
  2. Serve as a core functional area supporting a successful consolidation process, ensuring efficiency and integrity in data reporting and timeliness of deliverables
  3. Establish a robust Information and Data Governance program at USF, alongside key partners

Top 3 Greatest Accomplishments at USF (in past 3 years)

  1. Institutionalized a robust Planning, Performance and Accountability framework at USF
  2. Successfully designed and implemented a university-wide process of monitoring External Data Submissions to strengthen confidence in data integrity and consistency in reporting, as well as supporting the strategic branding and reputational efforts for the university
  3. Successfully supported key deliverables required throughout the USF consolidation process