Resources & Special Projects


Read more about the Office of the Provost initiatives, special projects, and resources designed to support academic affairs leadership, promote the student and faculty experience, and community-centered research that fosters global collaborations.

Additional information about these initiatives, projects and resources can be found below: 

Academic Affairs and Student Success Leadership Resource Guide
This resource guide is a collection of institutional resources and tools designed to support our university core commitments.

Faculty Success Initiative
The University of South Florida is committed to the continually advancing the success of our world-class faculty in relation to their teaching, research, clinical, and service goals.

Faculty Research Addressing Anti-Black Racism
Funded through the Office of the Provost and USF Research and Innovation, faculty research is exploring the perpetuation of systemic racism in society that has resulted in economic inequities, social injustices, police violence and other issues. 

USF Nexus Initiative (UNI)
The partnerships between USF faculty and their collaborators at other global or national universities, national laboratories or research centers are at the heart of UNI.

Provost's Scholars
The Provost’s Scholars Program aims to support students in earning their degree in three years while engaging in meaningful practice that contributes to long-term goals and career interests.

Building a Digital Ecosystem
Even before the pandemic forced many operations to go remotely, USF established a workgroup to explore the concept of digital ecosystems. 

Graduate and Professional Student Success
As a national leader in undergraduate student success, Provost Wilcox commissioned a workgroup to develop recommendations to ensure the success of graduate and professional students across the university. 

Global challenges represent extraordinarily complex problems that require multidisciplinary experts to provide dynamic and highly innovative solutions on moderate time horizons. CREATE seed funding aims to mobilize multidisciplinary teams for large, collaborative efforts targeting transformative research that will lead to societal impact.