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Subhra Mohapatra

Subhra Mohapatra
President, USF Chapter of National Academy of Inventors
University of South Florida

USF Chapter of the NAI

USF is a strong research university with an important economic impact on the Tampa Bay region and Florida. The underlying component of USF that drives its research initiatives is the talent of faculty, staff and students. In every corner of the university great scientists, scholars and educators are teaching the next generation of students how to be competent researchers.

These members of the USF community have demonstrated truly innovative ideas or concepts that create new research paradigms and develop novel applications of their science or technology. A researcher's contribution reaches the benchmark of inventorship as recognized by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) because its discovery had no significant prior art, was not obvious to someone else skilled in the field, and had a specific use. In this case, the USPTO issues a "U.S. Patent" and officially designates the researcher as an "inventor."

The purpose of the USF Chapter of NAI is:

  • To recognize publicly a cadre of investigators who are also inventors.
  • To enhance visibility of university technology development, promote entrepreneurship and be advocates for USF innovation in the Tampa Bay community.
  • To be a resource for the Tampa Bay community to facilitate greater industry research contracts and interactions with companies and organizations in order to increase economic impact.
  • To increase awareness of intellectual property at USF by mentoring, fostering and encouraging other faculty, staff and students to develop their intellectual property and inventions.
  • To help shape society by being in a position to understand the translational use of inventions at USF and elsewhere; and be a role model in such endeavors for students.
  • To develop relevant invention-based activities in collaboration with USF Patents & Licensing.