Undergraduate Research Opportunities
The University of South Florida is nationally known as a research university. In that regard, USF believes that in order to attain a complete education, it is vital that students have the ability to participate in a "hands-on" fashion.

As an undergraduate student at USF, you can actively collaborate in research with our distinguished faculty or graduate students as well as through jobs and internships in one of our various departments. These opportunities are abundant throughout the university. The website for Undergraduate Research at USF offers information and opportunities for students interested in pursuing research endeavors.

TTO Internship program
The Technology Transfer Office offers a paid internship program for graduate students currently enrolled at USF, providing education and experience in technology evaluation, intellectual property protection, commercialization, and licensing. This position allows interns the opportunity to experience career alternatives outside of a traditional research lab environment. Interns will be exposed to technology transfer, business development, economic development and patent law. They will be mentored by both life science and physical science professionals, as well as business and economic development professionals.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs)
REUs are available through several departments on campus. Students will be intimately involved in individual or small-team projects developed in close collaboration with faculty mentors as well as other student participants. There are summer as well as year-round REU programs, for University of South Florida (USF) students and students from other colleges and universities. Please visit Research Experiences for Undergraduates for more information.

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs)
GRAs are awarded by departments and professors who are engaged in research projects. Research assistantships offer exciting opportunities to participate in on-going research developments at USF. More information is available from individual departments and programs.

Graduate Fellowships
In addition to Departmental Teaching and Research Assistantships, there are many ways that a graduate student can receive financial assistance. The Graduate School website lists many opportunities both within USF and outside of the university.

External Graduate Research Funding
USF subscribes to several databases that include research funding for graduate students including the Community of Science website. Additional searchable funding sources are available from the Division of Sponsored Research site. These databases have graduate and postdoctoral opportunities in all disciplines, not just the sciences and engineering. Detailed searches from the Foundation Center Online are available by request through the Office of Corporate R&D.