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Faculty Insight Portal

Research and scholarly activity are at the center of the student and faculty experience at the University of South Florida. USF has partnered with Academic Analytics to offer a variety of tools to assist faculty in advancing their research and scholarly activity through use of the Faculty Insight Portal. The Academic Analytics database contains scholarly works for faculty at over 400 U.S.-based research universities in the areas of federal grants, honorific awards, journal articles, citations, conference proceedings, and book publications.

The Faculty Insight Portal is a tool can be used to:

  • Find subject matter experts and collaborators within the university or at another institution
  • Build interdisciplinary research teams
  • Showcase faculty scholarly activity with curated faculty profiles that are pre-populated for you
  • Identify federal funding and honorific award opportunities*
  • Funding and awards are searchable by name, related topic, and other filter options

*Faculty Insight has the option for you to sign up for e-mail notifications through your profile with content relevant to your research interests and specific keywords. This tool has replaced ‘Pivot’ as a funding search engine across the university.

To get started, log into Faculty Insight and visit your profile in top left corner of the page. It is strongly recommended to view this tool on Google Chrome.

Want to learn more? Review the Faculty Insight FAQs below and watch a recording of the recent Faculty Information Session.

What is Faculty Insight?

Faculty Insight is a search tool that enables scholars to find experts at their institution and nationally. Scholar profiles are pre-populated with recent activity data sourced from Academic Analytics. This includes articles, books, grants, awards, conference proceedings, and patents. USF also supplements Faculty Insight data with additional faculty activity sourced from Digital Measures. Scholar profiles are also fed to the public-facing Faculty Expertise Portal.

Where do these funding opportunities come from?

Scholar profile keywords are matched to funding opportunity data from a third-party funding database. Grant opportunities are updated daily and contain roughly 40,000 open funding opportunities from over 10,000 public and private entities.

I found information in the Faculty Insight Portal that I am interested in, now what?

You can save notes on Scholar, Funding, and Award Profiles as well as Projects; these notes are private to you as the user. You can also export calendar notifications to your Outlook calendar or other calendar tools.

I want to learn more about the notifications, how do they work?

The notifications feature gives you the option to receive email notifications containing information on:

  • targeted funding opportunities keyed to your research interests
  • search activity within Faculty Insight related to you and your research interests
  • collaboration opportunities

You will not receive any of this content unless you enable notifications in your Faculty Insight account (i.e., you must opt in for emails to be sent). You can do this by going to the main menu and clicking on the Notifications section, and this will open up options to adjust the settings for what type of notifications you will receive and how frequently, as well as adjust privacy settings for what colleagues see about your own searches.

Can I control what people see about me?

The display setting function allows you to limit the visibility of items that you do not want visible in the public-facing Faculty Expertise Portal profile. You can change the display settings for each item in your Works tab by using a drop-down menu that is located at the far right of an item’s section on the screen. There are two display options: Public and Internal. The default setting for all items is public.

Public means that an item is visible to everyone on Faculty Insight as well as the public-facing Faculty Expertise Portal.

Internal means that an item will only be visible on Faculty Insight (i.e., to people with USF logins).

How can I find collaborators?

  1. Search for potential collaborators by keyword or by name. In a keyword search, you can find faculty who have similar keywords to you.
  2. Visit a scholar’s Related Terms and People tab for people similar to this scholar at your own institution or nationally.
  3. View the Collaborations tab of a scholar to see other scholars with whom they have worked.
  4. From your own scholar profile page, check the Related Terms and People tab for a list of scholars at your institution and nationally with word clouds similar to your own.

How do I enter other creative scholarship activities?

Two-way data integration is in development, Academic Analytics hopes to roll this out soon. This will be valueable for disciplines that utlize a vareity of creative scholarship activities and allow faculty to add them to their profiles. 

Looking for more information? Review the Faculty Insight User Guide (PDF) or log into Faculty Insight and click on the 'FAQ' link.

Please direct questions about Academic Analytics data for USF to the Office of Decision Support