Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement Program

The Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement (QA/QI) Program assists the University of South Florida (USF), its affiliate partners, and our researchers in performing human subject research of the highest ethical standards and promoting confidence in the integrity of human subject research at our institution. This program conducts random and for cause evaluations of human subject research activities under the oversight of the USF Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) to ensure adherence with federal regulations, state and local laws, and institutional policies and procedures governing the USF HRPP. In addition, the QA/QI Program provides training and education to researchers and their study teams and provides them with tools to facilitate the conduct of their research.

Our place within the USF Organizational Structure:

The QA/QI Program is independent of the USF IRB and serves as a key component of our AAHRPP-accredited Human Research Protection Program. The QA/QI Program reports to the Director of Research Integrity & Compliance.