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Curricular Alignment

On March 5, 2019, the Deans of Colleges and Regional Vice Chancellors from USF St. Petersburg and USF Sarasota-Manatee were charged with the responsibility to jointly appoint and oversee Ad-Hoc Faculty Disciplinary Committees to develop one “overarching” program of study for the SUS BOG-approved degree programs currently offered on more than one USF campus. Thirty-eight degree programs required alignment/integration due to consolidation of SACSCOC accreditation.

  • A degree program is defined as “an organized curriculum leading to a degree in an area of study recognized as an academic discipline by the higher education community, as demonstrated by assignment of a unique Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code and name by the National Center for Educational Statistics.” (BOG Regulation 8.011 and USF System Regulation 3.038)
  • Each degree program must have designated faculty effort and instructional resources, and shall include at least one major, but may have more than one major.

In Spring 2019, The Ad-Hoc Faculty Disciplinary Committees reviewed current curricula, student learning outcomes, and sequenced semester plans for the thirty-eight degree programs requiring integration. Based on the Committees’ collaborative efforts and review of materials, each Ad-Hoc Faculty Disciplinary Committee developed cohesive curricula to be offered post-consolidation. 

The Intercampus Consolidation Committee for Curricular Change (I4C) was created out of a need for a cross-campus Faculty Senate curriculum committee to review the proposed integrated curricula. The I4C holds the same role as current Faculty Senate curriculum review bodies and serves as the primary faculty advisory body to the University of South Florida Tampa Executive Vice President and Provost on matters that pertain to the University’s degree program curricular and sub-curricular integration/alignment. The I4C has the responsibility to review and make recommendations considering decisions related to curricular integration/alignment for defining the curricula for USF as an institution with a single accreditation.

During May 2019, the I4C reviewed and approved the proposed integrated curricula for the thirty-eight degree programs that require integration. 

The second phase of the curricular integration/alignment involved the alignment of sub-curricula offered on more than one USF campus. Two graduate certificates were identified that require integration: Business Analytics and Geographic Information Science. The Ad-Hoc Faculty Committees proposed an integrated curriculum for each certificate, which the I4C reviewed and approved.

The Office of Decision Support’s System Academic Planning unit led the coordination of the curricular integration efforts through supporting the I4C, facilitating Ad-Hoc Faculty Disciplinary Committee conversation and work and providing reference materials for the Ad-Hoc Faculty Disciplinary Committees and I4C to use during their deliberations.