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Affiliated Offices

The following Affiliated Offices often work in close collaboration with Academic Space Planning & Assignment with regard to general use classroom spaces.

Office of the Registrar • (813) 974-2000
The Office of the Registrar is responsible for maintaining the course schedule in Banner. All questions related to Banner use and operations are directed here.

Classroom Technology Services • (813) 974-2382
Classroom Technology Services is responsible for all technical equipment located in classrooms. Any issues regarding equipment are directed here. CTS offers training on equipment to all faculty throughout the year. For immediate assistance, contact the Classroom Helpline at (813) 974-2382.

Facilities Management • (813) 974-2845
Facilities Management is responsible for maintaining the conditions and appearance of all classrooms. They are also responsible for the doors/locking schedule via Facilities Access. Any minor repairs or maintenance issues are addressed using an Online Unpaid Work Order.

Students Accessibility Services • 813-974-4309                                                                        Student Accessibility Services are responsible for faculty/student accommodations in classrooms. All questions related to special accommodations are directed here. General use auditoria are equipped with assistive listening devices. For more information, call and ask to speak to someone in Audio Visual Services.