Community Partners


Thank you for your interest in partnering with the Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement (CLCE) at the University of South Florida's Tampa campus. The CLCE trains, educates, and develops USF community members to be effective, ethical, and positively engaged leaders among the global community.  As a community partner, you are the essential element for the success of our civic engagement programs. The relationship developed between our university community and your agency is critical for our community's success and one that should be mutually beneficial. We seek to form relationships with community partners that provide direct, or capacity building, service opportunities to support student leadership training, education, and development. 

Here in the CLCE, we can assist in the following ways:

  • Post your one-time or reoccurring volunteer opportunity in our volunteer database seen by all current USF students (Instructions to register below)
  • Connect your agency and/or your volunteer needs with student organizations on campus through our Volunteerism Committee. 
  • Send teams of volunteers to you during our monthly days of service
  • Provide free table space at our Volunteer Fair to assist you in connecting directly with USF students (once each semester)
  • Provide periodic student-led, topic specific training and networking opportunities

How to Post a Volunteer Opportunity

As of July 2019, USF has transitioned to a new service platform that allows community partners to post, track, and assess student volunteer opportunities called GivePulse. This platform is embedded in our student engagement portal called BullSync. 

To post a volunteer opportunity/recruit USF student volunteers for needs at any point in the year, watch this short video and follow the steps to create your free GivePulse account. (Note: In your profile on, please be sure to indicate which SDG(s) your organization focuses on)

Next Steps:

1. Watch the video linked above

2. Create a group page for your organization on

3. Affiliate your page with "USF Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement" 

a. To affiliate, click "get involved" in the upper right corner; then search Tampa, FL and click the "groups" button so you are searching for "groups" and not "events"; then type in our office name (not the office name) 

b. Click the link for our office page, then scroll down on the right-hand side and click affiliate

c. A member of the CLCE will approve your affiliation within 3-5 business days

4. Once your affiliation has been approved, begin posting volunteer opportunities, which will then automatically feed into our student system here on campus (BullSync) 

You will be able to see when students sign up for your opportunities and you will be able to communicate with them via your page/posting. You will be required to mark student attendance when they arrive for your volunteer opportunity so the record of their involvment will be recorded in their student account. The GivePulse Sign-in phone app found here is best for this.