About Us


Welcome to the University of South Florida! In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the ADA Amendments Act, USF is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities.
Creating an accessible environment is a collaborative process that involves the office of Students with Accessibility Services, our students, and all faculty and staff. Students who utilize accommodations often share stories about their academic success and the positive impact of accommodations.

To help ensure your success, here are some of the services offered by our department:

  • Easily accessible online application for accommodation services.

  • Classroom accommodations, such as note takers, extended exam time, recorded class lectures, and ADA furniture.

  • Alternative text formatted material for visual, learning, and physical disabilities.

  • Captioning and interpreter services for the deaf or hard-of-hearing.

  • Temporary academic accommodations due to temporary impairments.

  • Testing facilities for reduced distraction testing and utilization of assistive technologies.

  • Resources for programs and services that support veterans with PTSD, TBI, and other military related injuries.