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"Had a great overall experience here at USF and with the test."
– Lisa F.

"The experience was really great."
– Francina P.

"My overall experience today was very satisfying. It was nicely put together and well organized. As for the testing part of the experience, I was pleased with the testing and would recommend this testing center to anyone that has an option to come to the USF testing center. Thanks once again for this wonderful experience."
– Brittany M.

"I was very pleased with the overall testing experience that was offered by the USPS. The staff members at the USF testing site were extremely knowledgeable and friendly."
– John B.

"The administrators were very helpful, pleasant, respectful and quiet. They gave clear and concise instructions."
– Caitlin H.

"Great testing facility and easily understandable instructions both at the test site and on the website."
– Fredrick J.

"The people here were very courteous and helpful."
– Elizabeth S.

"My overall experience with my testing today was excellent. Everyone I asked for help in any manner was very helpful. I thank USPS and the people at USF for their time and help."
– Clyde M.

"[The test center was] Quiet, clean and fast."
– LaCarlton N.

"I had a great time taking [the] assessment test. I truly enjoyed it. The receptionist was super nice. She did a great job with all the instructions."
– Jean R. B.

"Everything from the scheduling to the testing was very easy and very understandable. The administrator was very professional, understandable and courteous."
– Janel S.

"This is a great testing center. It is very well designed for testing. I really enjoyed the test site, and it had no distractions."
– Amos C.

"Amazing staff, hand sanitizer next to the key pad, friendly and took the time to make sure you understood everything."
– JoVan R.

"Very pleased with the testing center and its employees."
– Joseph M.

"[Test administrator] was really nice and efficient. I really liked the fact that the Testing Center had sanitizers everywhere."
– Colandra B.

"The room was very nice clean and quiet."
– Jamarcus L.