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Testing Services Wins Outstanding Staff Award

Congratulations to USF's Testing Services for winning the USF Outstanding Staff Award. Through the collective efforts of a strong team, they've created a welcoming environment that allows test takers from USF and from the Tampa community to succeed in their educational, certification and employment goals.

Testing Services has increased its number of administered tests year over year by 15 percent to over 14,000 in 2013-14. During this time, they delighted their customers and received an average Customer Satisfaction Survey score of 9.63 out of 10. The unit added eight new testing partners, and is now certified to administer the MCAT in addition to a plethora of tests for entrance/placement, certification/licensure, distance learning proctoring, and pre-employment tests for multiple companies.

Thanks to their outreach and strong focus on customer service, they've built numerous partnerships throughout Tampa Bay and have become a trusted resource to the business and HR community within the region. In the past year, they obtained the National Colleges Testing Association (NCTA) certification (one of only three certified units among Florida Universities), and recently moved into a new state-of-the-art facility in the NEC building at the corner of Fowler Avenue and Bruce B. Downs Avenue.

The Testing Services team celebrates each and every success. They celebrate record-breaking numbers of tests administered in a day, week, or month; they celebrate birthdays and holidays; they celebrate new Tampa Bay community testing partnerships; they celebrate the success of their customers; they celebrate the new computers purchased from last year's profits to improve the testing environment; they celebrate all things big and little that make up their days with their famous Dance of Joy!

This team takes their professionalism and commitment to the highest standards of customer service. They work as a team to create an environment in which test takers feel calm and cared for, and in which all their questions are answered. They share their enthusiasm for USF and for success with every person who enters the center.

Congratulations USF Testing Services!