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General Questions

1.  What are the test center’s hours of operation?

- The test center is open Monday through Friday and some Saturdays, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

2. What is the Test Center’s address?

-  Our physical address is USF Testing Services 3220 USF Banyan Circle, Tampa, FL 33613

- Our mailing address is USF Testing Services 4202 E. Fowler Ave. NEC116, Tampa, FL 33620

3.  How early should I arrive to the test center?

- You should arrive at the test center at least 15 minutes before your scheduled test appointment.

4.   Do I need to have my registration confirmation with me?

-  Yes, you must email your registration confirmation/admission ticket to us at prior your test date.

5.  Where do I park?

-  You may park in the daily visitor or timed section labeled outside of the building, parking lot 38C.
6.  Do I have to pay for parking?

-  Yes, there are two kiosks located at both ends of the parking lot. Payment is processed with a credit/debit card only. 
7.  What can I bring to the test center?

-  Due to the current COVID-19 concerns, only a valid ID, debit/credit card and keys will be allowed inside the test center. These items will be placed in small plastic bag that will be kept in one of the lockers at the test center.
8.  Are food and drinks permitted in the testing rooms?

-  No food or drinks are permitted inside the testing rooms at any time.
9.  When is the testing center reopening?

-  The test center has reopened. 
10. May I stay in the waiting area once I finished my test?

-  Due to the current COVID-19 concerns and safety measures, you will be advised to exit the building as soon as you have completed your test.
11.  When can I expect my test results?

-  The availability of test results varies per test. Please become familiar with your test results availability by contacting the testing company/institution directly.   
12. Will I receive a printout score report?

-  Not all of the tests generate a score report printout. You may contact the testing company/institution directly prior to your test appointment for details. You may also consult with the test administrator at the end of your test.
13. What is the test retake policy?

-  Retake policy varies per test. Please refer to our websiteand select the specific test category for details.