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Registration Questions

1.  How do I register for a test?

-  Registration is available online. Visit, select the tests available tab, and click on the specific test for details.
2.  When should I register for my test?

-  We recommend making your appointment no later than 48 hours before your desired date/time.
3.  How do I reschedule my test?

-  If you scheduled a test through the USF Testing Services registration system, please click here, go to Administrative fees and then click on Rescheduling fees.
-  If you scheduled an exam through another company or your employer, please contact the company/employer directly regarding rescheduling your test appointment.
4.  What forms of identification should I bring?

-  You must bring a valid government issued ID in order to be admitted to take your test. Please ensure that you read over the ID requirements for your specific test before you arrive at the test center.
5.  What can I do if I cannot find the testing center?

-  Please call the test center at 813-974-2742 and we will assist you in finding our location.
6.  When are tests offered?

-  All tests are offered during our hours of operation (Monday through Saturdays, 8:00 a.m.- 5 p.m.)
-  Certain companies have set dates for their tests, please visit, select the tests available tab, and click on the specific test for details.    
7.  May I receive a refund if I miss my test appointment?

-  All fees are non-refundable.
8.   What if I arrive a few minutes prior to the test center’s closing time, may I still take my test?

-  You must arrive at the test center with enough time to complete your test prior to the test center’s closing time.
9.   I am a Distance Learning student/test candidate. What is the registration process?
-  First, you contact your instructor/institution and indicate that you have selected our test center as your testing site. Next, if applicable,  your instructor/institution will send us a Proctor form for us to sign. Then, your instructor/institution will send your materials to the test center before your test date. You will then register at Distance Learning Tests