General Education Requirements

FKL Requirements Until Fall of 2018

*NOTE: This curriculum has been discontinued and only applies to students under an academic catalog prior to Fall 2018 and required to complete general education. The following information is only for students needing to complete the old FKL general education requirements.

The Foundations of Knowledge and Learning (FKL) Core Curriculum consists of a lower-level General Education component and an upper-level Capstone Learning Experience component.   

FKL General Education

Students are required to complete 36 credit hours of FKL General Education in six core areas as follows:

  1. English Composition (6 credits)
  2. Fine Arts (3 credits) and Humanities (6 credits)
  3. Human and Cultural Diversity in a Global Context (3 credits)
  4. Mathematics (3 or 6 credits) and Quantitative Reasoning (0 or 3 credits)
  5. Natural Sciences (3 credits Life Science and 3 credits Physical Science)
  6. Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)

Six of the above credits must include Human Historical Context and Process as a dimension.

FKL Capstone Learning Experience

At the upper-level, students are required to complete six credit hours of the FKL Capstone Learning Experience as follows:

  1. Capstone (3 credits)
  2. Writing Intensive (3 credits)