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Gordon Rule Communication

Courses approved to meet the USF Gordon Rule Communication requirements enable students to demonstrate college-level writing skills through multiple assignments. Students will engage in writing as a "process," which means employing strategies such as pre-writing, co-authoring, document design, peer feedback, revising, and editing. Overall, students will learn how to develop ideas and texts that follow academic/disciplinary conventions for different contexts, audiences, and purposes. Such assignments may include, but are not limited to, research papers, essays, creative writing, journals, written examinations, portfolios, case studies, letters, and proposals.

An integral part of writing instruction is the opportunity to revise documents in response to feedback, so students should revise at least some course writing assignments after receiving feedback from faculty or graders assigned to the course. At a minimum, students should write 4500 words for each course, excluding assignments for which students do not receive any feedback. At least one assignment should include submission of a revision in response to substantive teacher/grader feedback. All stages of such papers count toward the 4500 word minimum.

Students must achieve a proficiency level of at least C- in the course in order to receive Gordon Rule Communication credit. To enable quality feedback on written work, USF Gordon Rule Communication courses should not have more than 30 students per grader.