About JMLC




The Joint Military Leadership Center (JMLC), founded in 2004, plays a significant role in supporting the Army, Naval and Air Force ROTC programs at the University of South Florida.  Through a variety of programs and initiatives, our ROTC graduates will gain a better understanding and appreciation for the capabilities, limitations and culture of each military service in addition to the challenges and value of joint and combined operations.  As a result, these future military officers will be better prepared to serve in a joint, multi-national environment upon commissioning. 

The University of South Florida is one of only about 50 colleges/universities in the nation to host all three ROTC programs - Army, Naval and Air Force.  A total of approximately 319 colleges/universities host an ROTC program from at least one military service.  


Prepare future commissioned officers to lead in a joint, multi-national environment by maintaining a unique, state of the art, joint training facility for ROTC; sponsorship of joint activities; and, promotion of joint planning and inter-service cooperation.


A ROTC Center of Excellence that enhances the quality of each service ROTC curriculum and prepares future commissioned officers of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force to serve in a joint, multi-national environment. 


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