Why Navy?

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The sea is an incredible beast. It reaches impossible speeds, depths and distances. It cannot be beaten with the strongest fist, the sharpest knife or the fastest bullet.

In America's Navy, water and salt flow through our veins in the same proportion as the sea. That mighty force is the lifeblood of the greatest Navy ever to sail upon it, slip beneath it or fly above it. It shapes Americans from every corner of the nation into Sailors with the courage to protect liberty back home. Bonding us with the commitment to serve with honor. The sea propels every one of our men and women to defeat or defend. To comfort or to awe. To victory or to the rescue.

America's Navy values diversity, quality and inclusivity - striving to build a base of servicemembers that accurately reflect the rich makeup of our country. Our belief is that with hard work and determination, anyone from anywhere has the power to be successful in the Navy.


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