Non-Affiliate Programs

The University of South Florida Education Abroad Office (USF EAO) is committed to supporting students in their study abroad goals. If you are interested in participating in a program that is not listed on the the Education Abroad Office's website, then you will be able to apply for the non-USF Program after beginning the process with an advisor in the EAO.  Such programs are referred to as "Non-Affiliate Programs."

All students are required to complete an application both with the host organization and USF in order to participate in the non-affiliate program of their choosing.  All non-affiliate programs must be reviewed by the Risk and Safety Office at USF World. Students will not be cleared to travel until their application has successfully undergone a review and been approved the Risk and Security Office at USF.

These are programs administered and supervised by a third party organization; this category also includes directly enrolling in a foreign university. USF charges an administrative cost but otherwise all other costs associated with the program would be paid directly to the non-USF organization or university. In most cases, the academic credit associated with the program would come from another institution and would be transferred into the student's USF record after the transcript is received at the USF Education Abroad Office.

Begin a Non-Affiliate Application