Tenure & Promotion

T&P Criteria

All CAS academic departments have revised tenure and promotion criteria in accordance with the 2015 USF T&P Guidelines: "Criteria for tenure and promotion, specifying documented and measurable performance outcomes, must be developed by individual colleges and departments" (p. 1).

The criteria posted below have been approved by both the Dean and Provost's offices; respective approval and effective dates are listed on individual criterion.

Africana Studies
Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology
Humanities & Cultural Studies
Integrative Biology
Mathematics & Statistics
Religious Studies
School of Geosciences
School of Information
School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies
School of Public Affairs
Women's and Gender Studies
World Languages
Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communications

CAS T&P Procedures

USF 1998 Tenure and Promotion Guidelines. These are the current University-wide Guidelines.

USF 2015 Tenure and Promotion Guidelines. The new University T&P Guidelines take effect June 5th, 2015. Those applying for tenure and/or promotion in Fall 2018 will be the first group that must follow the 2015 Guidelines.

Vice-Provost Kofi Glover's official announcement of the 2015 Guidelines.

This document, prepared by the Provost's Office, offers answers to common questions about the 2015 USF Tenure and Promotion Guidelines. It was distributed by Senior Vice Provost Dwayne Smith on April 29, 2015.

2017 CAS T&P Procedures. CAS Faculty recommended these Procedures be approved by the Dean on October 28, 2015. The Dean approved and forwarded to the Provost's office on December 2, 2015. They were approved by the Provost on June 1, 2016 and will go into effect June 1, 2017.

CAS 1999 Criteria and Procedures.

Calculating T&P Probationary Period Chart. This charts years 1-6, from hiring to tenure year, noting important dates in each year through the tenure process.

Research Expectations for T&P in the Humanities.

Research Expectations for T&P in the Humanities: Questions & Answers.