Tenure & Promotion

Tenure Research Records and Outcomes

Here are charts of research records of the past five years of successful tenure cases and successful promotion to full professor cases in the College of Arts and Sciences. Click on the School link below to access these charts.

School of Humanities (SHUM)

School of Social Sciences (SSS)

School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics (SNSM)

The information available in these charts should be useful

Tenure Outcomes by Race/Ethnicity and Gender
This document provides demographic information about tenure candidates and tenure decision outcomes in the College of Arts & Sciences from 2004-2016. Yearly tenure outcomes by gender and race/ethnicity are available in pages 2-6; on pages 7 and 8 are twelve year outcomes for women and men, also extrapolated by race/ethnicity.

Tenure Denials and Levels of Recommendation
This document provides information on the 19 tenure denials (out of 190 applications) in twelve years in CAS. The chart indicates the level at which a denial was first recommended: department, School T&P Committee, College T&P Committee, Dean, or Provost.