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Peer Review Writing Task: To assist students with a writing assignments, encourage them to exchange drafts with a partner. The partner reads the essay and writes a three-paragraph response: the first paragraph outlines the strengths of the essay, the second paragraph discusses the essay's problems, and the third paragraph is a description of what the partner would focus on in revision, if it were her essay. See the larger collection of tips here:

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------------------------NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS------------------------

Undergrad Research Colloquium April 15
The Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium will be held on April 15, 2014 in the Marshall Student Center Ballroom between 9:30pm-6:00pm.  The intent of the event is to provide undergraduate students in all disciplines (this year, 296 of them) an opportunity to present and discuss their research with faculty, peers and the community.  A comprehensive event program is available through the OUR Colloquium website ( ).  The event is free and open to the public.

------------------------THIS WEEK-----------------------

Workshop: Learning Strategies and Processes
In this workshop, we will talk about effective learning strategies, how the brain processes learning, dangers of multitasking, and different educational approaches adopted by top performing countries. Facilitated by Autar Kaw.

Workshop: Team Based Learning: Group Learning With a Twist
Have you ever used team/group work as a way for students to engage in the reading and writing of your discipline? This presentation will be a sharing of how it is being piloted in a college algebra class at USF. The presentation will include a sharing of ideas on this topic and other topics related to encouraging students to be better prepared to read and write in the discipline. Facilitated by Fran Hopf.

Workshop: Canvas Best Practices
Learn how to get started in Canvas and explore what's new and different in this learning management system. We will also discuss best practices in using the software.

Workshop: Canvas Best Practices II (Advanced)
So you've mastered (or at least understand) the basics of setting up your course(s) in Canvas. Now what? In this hands-on session, you will learn how to use several tools in Canvas including modules, files, and pages to organize your courses following principles of good course design.

Workshop: Un-Lectures: Using PowerPoint Completely Differently
Rather than use PowerPoint to relay information (i.e., the answers), we'll talk about strategies for using it as a platform for questions, and also explore the myriad ways we can turn traditional lectures upside down.


Unless otherwise noted, all workshops take place in SVC-1072. Register online for all workshops:

------------------------OLDER ANNOUNCEMENTS------------------------

Download Your eXplorance PDFs from Fall before they disappear! – click on Dashboard (left side) then View Report (right side) for the PDFs. These include helpful comparisons to department and college averages.

Canvas Help Files
There are several help files to get you going with Canvas:

Canvas Listserv
We've created a faculty-to-faculty listserv so that you can email each other with ideas, news, announcements, tricks, tips and workarounds about using Canvas (or ask questions of other subscribers). Several support staff will also be part of the list. To subscribe, visit and locate "Canvas" in the alphabetical list, then click it to find the link to JOIN CANVAS.

"Teaching Essentials" online guide to teaching
This free online "course" on how to teach was developed by national leaders in the field of education, and includes many videos and interactive features. There is no sign-up date, as enrollment is ongoing. Open to faculty member, adjuncts, and teaching assistants. Visit to learn more and self-enroll.

Instructional Resource Guide
A fully-online guide to the policies, procedures, resources, and services available to instructional staff at USF. Open to faculty member, adjuncts, and teaching assistants. No registration needed:

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